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Post Info TOPIC: 1918 German Trenches Diorama


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1918 German Trenches Diorama

Since some months I reworked and enlarged my central Diorama I showed on this site some time ago. It depicts the German Trenchlines on the Westernfront in late 1918, when US and some French Forces try to break through the German lines, but are repelled by the massive counterattack wich beside the A7V and Beute-Mark includes the K-Wagen and LkII (both scratchbuilt). The diorama is made of wood, card and lots of plaster, painted with Acrylics. The Germans are from  Hät, Emhar, Revell, Airfix, Myself, while the US are Hät and the French from Airfix. The Ft17 are RPM and Hät, the Mark tanks are Airfix and the A7V is Emhar. The Artillery is Hät and Emhar.

I hope you like it and look forward to your comments.


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PICT0001.JPG (130.8 kb)
PICT0002.JPG (142.8 kb)
PICT0003.JPG (135.8 kb)
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It looks very impressive and I've only one pedantic little suggstion to make (and thats with the description and not the model) -

If you described it as being set in an alternative Spring 1919 and showing a German response to the Allied Plan 1919 offensive then the K wagen and the LK would both make more sense

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Thanks. Regarding your suggestion. Yes I thought that also. But instead of a fictive 1919 scenario I chose an alternative 1918 scenario in wich both the K-Wagen and the LkII were used, since both were near finished in late 1918. But I agree with you that 1919 would fit better.

BTW: Does anyone know how to remove those Attachments below? I tried to delete them, since I used directly shown images, but they seem to appear again, each time I delete them.




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it looks amazing and takes me back to a trench system I built when I was 13,I am 48, I still have the model in the attic .What were the materials you used , barbed wire, dugouts, etc, it has been a very long time since I did any modelling . where did you get the figures?.



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Well here is how I built the landscape:

The lines of the trenches were drawn on a 3mm wood plate and card-boxes and Styrofoam were arranged and glued on the plate. The space between the boxes are the trenches.

For the grenade craters and impact holes, I made holes into the boxes and glued
parts of an egg-box in it. Thick cardboard (imitating wood planks with a knife) was
glued on the sides and floor of the trenches.

Then the whole landscape (except the trenches) was coated with several layers of paper-machee (newspapers, water and glue).
After drying the whole thing was coated with plaster (using dry plaster powder to imitate sand and little stones). Roads and tracks were drawn through the wet plaster.

Sticks and pieces of wood were placed on the landscape to imitate broken trees.

After drying the whole thing was painted in dark earth colors (acrylic colors on water base).

Sandbags were made out of painted salt-dough and terracotta. Barbed wire is scale model barbed wire (bought at the hobby shop), twisted and placed between tooth-sticks.

Finally some wet glue was placed on some areas and model grass was spread on it.

The figures are:

Hät-German Heavy Weapons set
Hät-German Artillery
Emhar-German Infantry
Emhar-German Artillery
Revell-German Infantry

Hät-American Infantry (the new set)

plus a few Airfix French Infantry

All figures were bought at and



this is a great and very detailed scene, i bet you had fun doing it. the only problem i have with it is.. you have spent so much time and effort on the overall detail , then the figures still show their stand plates , probaly would have looked better without them. Otherwise a great model well done

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