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Post Info TOPIC: Italian Pavesi Tank design of 1916 { Pavesi Autocarro Tagliafili}


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Italian Pavesi Tank design of 1916 { Pavesi Autocarro Tagliafili}



I was sent some interesting information in regards to the Italian Pavesi Tank design of 1916. The correct name as it seems is the Pavesi Autocarro Tagliafili. Its intended use was basically a wire cutter not a tank as such. It’s design dates back to 1915, and the prototype was built in 1916 by Pavesi and Tolotti utilizing as one can see parts from their Pavesi –Tolotti Tipo A and or Tipo B TRATTRICI {tractors}. Armour was estimated between 3.5 and 4mm {0.14th to 0.16th of a inch}, speed was to be in the range of 6kmh {3.7mph} Armament was to be three Fiat M.1914 MG’s, two  fitted into twin turrets, and one fitted into the front. The prototype was finished in 1917, it varied in design from the photos we all have seen, and thus the turrets were located in the middle of the vehicle not the rear. The final version was armored with twin Villar-Perosa M1915 twin-barrel submachine guns. Not much else is known


If anyone can add or detract from this information, please do I would be very interested in hearing it.


All the best

Tim R.

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Certainly can't add to it, Tim. The only think I'd say is that I'd steer clear of calling it a tank. IIMSS it belongs in the same category as the Filtz tractor and that sort of thing. More of an armoured car.



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It is indeed called the Pavesi Autocarro Tagliafili [basically the Pavesi wire cutting machine]
It was designed in 1915 and built by the Pavesi and Tolotti companies in the first half of 1916
It was capable of 6kmh and fitted with 3.5 to 4mm of armour
First prototype was finally ready May 1917 and was also fitted at some point with a Fiat M.1914 machine gun
Not beleived to have seen any active service although it's possible it was sent to the front for testing
Pretty much that's the sum total of knowledge of that machine.
Seeing that your info is exactly the same I imagine the source is too which was Nicola Pignato, Gli Autoveicoli da Combattimento Dell'Esercito Italiano



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"The Army had rejected the first prototype of the Pavesi Autocarro Tagliafili for being too slow and too poorly protected. The armament and armor had both been improved as had the off-road ability with extra wheels, but the inherent lack of engine power of the tractor it was based on remained and the need for the vehicle simply disappeared. Not because of the end of the War, but because other vehicles were now becoming available to the Italian Army for the same purpose. The Fiat 2000 heavy tank was being developed and was much better protected and armed as well as being more manoeuvrable. Small tanks, such as the Renault FT, were also beginning to show a lot of promise, carrying more armor in a much smaller tracked package, rendering the whole concept of the Pavesi Autocarro Tagliafili was obsolete."



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