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WWI tanks in WWII
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It is really interesting that so many WWI tanks actually served in WWII!!! I wish someone could do some authoritive research and compile a book on the subject. It would make for a fascinating read.

For one, France had tons of FT-17s and used them against the Germans early in WWII, and then Germany gathered them up, repainted them, and used them to patrol the cities they captured.

At the beginning of Russias hostilities with Finland, the Finnish army had only a bunch of FT-17s, and some Vickers 6 Ton tanks. The FT-17s were used in the early stages of the fighting before Finland captured enough tanks for themselves, and bought some STUG IIIs from Germany.

Supposedly, during the intense fighting in Stalingrad, the Russians drove at least one of their old Mk.V tanks (probably a hermaphrodite, right?) against the germans, and it was more than likely swiftly knocked out by the Germans, but thats still REALLY interesting.

Could you imagine seeing a diorama, of an urban battle, wrecked houses, bricks and stones everywhere, and a Panzer IV turning its gun to bear on a WWI Mk.V that just rumbled out of nowhere?

In the wonderful little book "Landships Of Lincoln" Richard Pullen writes:

"Many of the Mk V machines used by the Russian Tank Corps during the First World War had an operational career well beyond their projected lifespan with many examples of the mark being widely used in sub-zero conditions right up until the late 1930s, some even apparently being fielded against the Nazis during the defense of Stalingrad in 1942."

And I will include the picture that supports this claim, that is also found in that book.
Also, I will include pictures of the Finnish FT-17s on excercise. Finland withstood the Winter War during WWII because they had superior tactics, and inherent skill. In these pics we see standard FT-17s, with white-snow-camo Finns running past it. In the early days of the Winter War, im sure similar scenes to this would have been seen. Although, again, Im fairly sure these are just pictures of Finns on excercise. (PS. Anyone know what kinda weird aparatus is on top of the gunners cupola?



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very interesting, what about the Poles the yahd plenty of ft-17 did they use them ive seen some photos of ft-17 in 1940 in Poland

Mario Doherr

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I have a photography obviously from a Russian Mark V composite (or hermaphrodite)
at a route of advance.

In the Red Army the Mark V was designated as tank Ricardo, after the British
technical designer of the engine.

The photo of the Russian armored car BA-10 also comes from the same album.
It is probably the same road and a posible proof for the use of Mark V by Russian
in the 2nd World war?


Mario Doherr

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