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stephen brezinski

post war use
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I am curious as to use of the many German 77-mm FK96, 7.7-cm FK 16 and the Austrian 8-cm M05 field guns after the war.  There must have beeh a plethora of them left as war booty but I do not hear of their use in the 1930's and 1940's.  Who got them?  None of my references mention much on this subject.

Am I correct in that some of the FK 16 were rechambered for 75-mm?

I know many of the Skoda and Krupp howitzers continued on with Finland, Italy, Rumania and others.



Peter Kempf

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As to the FK16 it was used first in the Reichswehr and later by the Wehrmacht as well, in the early years of WW2. The FK16 was also taken over by the Begian Army and used by them, also in WW2 I think.

As to the FK96 n/A: I have seen WW2 photos of these guns in German Bunkers, among other places actually in Normandy, used as flanking pieces. And I guess that most of the surviving ones ended up in fortifications here and there in Europe. (I haven't heard of any rechambering of them, unlike the FK16, so I guess they used existing stocks of ammo.) The same goes for the FK16.

The Austro-Hungarian M-05/08 was used by the Austrian Army in the Interwar years, but I understand that some (most) again were employed as fortification guns - at least there was a special modification made for this purpose. The Army preferred the developed version, the M.17/18 (the M.17 being a Skoda gun, the M.18 being developed by Böhler). As to useage in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, I don't know really. I believe that the Italians declined taking over this gun, that was pretty mediocre, instead preferring taking more more succesful pieces, like the 7.5cm M.16 Mountain Gun, as part of the War Reparations.

/Peter K


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Thank you much for the reply and information.

Just this morning I found this website at the link below that discusses use of the use of the FH 16 and FK 16 in post war use and the author mentions that the 7.7-cm FK 16 was rechambered for the 7.5-cm round for WW2.  A photo shows what appears to be a Wehrmact Indian unit of WW2 loading small 75-mm shells.  This makes a number of possible conversions for the new Hat FH 16 gun set?

The 7.7-cm FK 96 in Atlantic wall fortifications!  If it were anyone else telling me this I would think perhaps the person was mistaken for Belgian or Dutch Krupp 75-mm guns but I believe you?

P.S. I would love to see some more photos and information on the Krupp 75 field gun and the American (Eherhardt) M1902 75-mm gun!!!!!!

Stephen Brezinski


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Don't take on trust regarding that FK96 in Normandy! I will ferret out the picture and post it when I get home. Perhaps you are right: it could be a lookalike.

/Peter K 

PS I have pictures of that Austrian M.17/18, a surviving speciemen I photographed in Wien.

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