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Post Info TOPIC: Siddeley Armoured Car with French troops?


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Siddeley Armoured Car with French troops?

I bumped into this curiosity on Some of their captions are very wrong and this one is labelled as a Siddeley 4 seater tourer of 1909 fitted with additional armour plating. I can't say I know much about early trucks so I can't say what it is.

I assumed, though from the source that it would be British but the soldiers are definitely post-1909 and are wearing Adrian style helmets. I assumed that these soldiers were therefore French and this was a WW1 era photo. 

I don't recall ever seeing this vehicle before or anything similar but I'm curious if anyone knows more.


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Starting point: Those soldiers are Belgian. Now where does that take us?


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This is a hypothesis...

It could be an improvised armoured car used to protect the French concession in Shanghai during the 1927 suppression

of the Communist party by the Kuomintang. Similar improvised armoured cars were built to protect the British concession.


edit: too late - didn't see the post correcting the soldiers' origin.


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I am by no means an expert. But I do humbly offer the following observation.

I have stood next to, and spoken with the owner of, a 1912 Belgian Minerva motorcar.
That vehicle has a wheelbase remarkably similar to that of the depicted vehicle.

It is not beyond reason that such a vehicle was sourced, either by purchase,
donation, or governmental requisition, and converted in the then usual ad-hoc manner.

As the soldiers are identified as Belgian, a Belgian vehicle, would make sense,
after a fashion, hence my suggestion of Minerva open-topped motorcar.

That does not, of course, account for the style of wheels, but I imagine
the wheels would have been changed during the conversion/armouring of the vehicle.

I hope this suggestion helps in the research.

kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.

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